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Torero - Renato Carosone

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Hey chico, one more timeI met him on a bus in barcelonawe kinda got to talkin'but he did all the talkin'i asked him what he did in barcelonain sunny barcelonaand this is what he saidYou are fortunate my friendof this there is no doubtfor everywhere i go the people shoutHey torero make way for don jose the great toreroin spain i am a famous caballeroi fight the bravest bull in all the landwith the flip of the hip of the music of the bandi cha cha, the bull is so confused because i cha chai never kill him, only if he gets in my way torero, torero playHe bragged about the many senoritaswho showered him with flowerswith big bouquets of flowershe told me that in holly woodthey want him to be like marlon brando the great big movie starbut as he left the bus he met two men in whitehe shouted as they took him out of sighthey torero .

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